Three Russian soldiers killed in shooting base near Voronezh

Russian soldiers killed

A Russian soldier was arrested after an attack in a military base that left three soldiers dead, officials say.

An officer was murdered with an ax until two soldiers were shot near the southern town of Voronezh.

The suspect, called Pte Anton Makarov, was established in the Baltimore airbase, researchers say.

He supposedly captured the officer’s pistol that he used to kill other soldiers in Monday’s assault.

A fourth soldier has been wounded and shot.

Before, the RIA Novosti news agency reported that tens of thousands of Omon and Sobr special forces soldiers were searching for the catalyst. Voronezh is roughly 465km (290 kilometers ) south of Moscow.

However, he’s been arrested and officials said the soldier has been interrogated.

It isn’t yet clear why the soldier assaulted the officer and started the fire.

1 unidentified source told the Interfax news agency that the shooting began when an altercation broke out during a review, but this account was denied by army officials.

Meanwhile, the rights activists maintained Pte Makarov was a victim of hazing. Hazing generally describes induction rituals which could consist of physical violence or degrading and harmful pranks.

Vladimir Ovechkin, who set the anti-torture job, told the AFP news agency that the soldier was defeated by his superiors.

Russia’s military insists hazing and bullying have been clamped down in the past couple of decades.

Three Russian soldiers killed in shooting base near Voronezh

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