10 Popular Thank you Letter Samples

10 Popular Thank you Letter Samples

Thank you letter is written to express your gratitude or appreciation to another person. Thank you letters are of two main types such as business thank you letters and personal thank you letters. Here are 10 Business and personal Thank You letter Samples for your future reference.

Acknowledgment, appreciation, and gratitude are the basic essence of thank you letters. A thank you letter conveys to every giver that their gesticulation has not gone unnoticed.

Timing is an important factor in writing thank you letter so make sure to pen down your letter as soon as possible after thank you is due. It is much better to send handwritten thank-you letters but if it is not possible then try to use personalized stationery or write one or two handwritten lines at the end.

Types of Thank You Letter

  • Business Thank You Letter
  • Personal Thank You Letter

Business Thank You Letter

During day-to-day business, there are several situations that warrant a thank you letter. Some typical situations include:

  • Appreciation for special deliberation extended by another organization
  • Thanking a speaker for a presentation at seminar or a board meeting
  • Customer appreciation letters
  • Thanking customers for their patronage
  • Thanks to employees for exceptional service or performance
  • Thanks to an individual or organization for a customer referral
  • Appreciation to volunteer service workers for their personal contributions to a public service campaign, etc

Personal Thank You Letter

Just like business there are also several situations in everyday of life that warrant a formal thank you letter. For example, some typical personal thank you letter situations include:

  • A follow-up thanks after a job interview or offer
  • Letter to friends and/or neighbors for their support during a difficult period
  • Letters for wedding gifts
  • Thanks to a company or institution in appreciation for outstanding customer service received
  • Thanks to a service club or agency for support given to family members
  • Social occasion thank you letters for a wide variety of social situations etc

Format of Thank You Letter

A thank you letter should be written just like a standard business letter or personal letter. Its length should not normally exceed one page. Personal thank you letters can be hand-written in case if the addressee is your friend, acquaintance, or relative. Thank you letters are also occasionally referred to as gratitude letters and these types of thank you letters are usually written as formal business letters.

Here We are giving a combination of 10 business and personal thank you letter samples. You can consult these letters before writing your own thank you letter.

10 Thank You Letter Samples

  • Business Thank You Letter
  • Interview Thank You Letter
  • Relationship with Clients Letter
  • Thank you Sales Letter
  • Thank you letter for Gift
  • Letter of Thanks for Support
  • Thank You Letter for Hard Work
  • Thank You Letter for Farewell Party
  • Invitation Acceptance Thank you letter
  • Thank You Letter While Leaving a Company

Business Thank you Letter

August 14, 2021

From: Chole Deborah,

989 Verdona str

New York, US

To: Edwina Gladys,

878 Beldams Street

776 New York, US

Dear Mr. Gladys,

Subject: Thanks for all Financial Support

I am writing this letter in order to say thanks for your all the financial support you made last month for our company. I can aptly say that this will be a bridge to maintain healthy relations between our organizations. Your contribution is really great to support our charity event which we are organizing with your help resulted in providing necessary food and medicinal facilities to 10,000 children in the orphan house. In fact we can’t have achieved that success without your generous support.

We are sincerely said thanks to your precious & valuable time spent in order to make our charity program successful. When we see the eyes of those children looking healthier and more joyful, we became sure that that campaign was worth that.

Kindly accept my sincere thanks on behalf of all our company members. I believe that this great job that we did together will help not only to these sick children but the society as a whole.

Thanking once more


Chole Deborah

Interview Thank You Letter

Darwin C. Tristan,

2820 Prospect Street

Merchantville, NJ 04564

August 14, 2021

To: Mr. Walter Marty

Falcon Software Company

Seattle, Washington

Ref: Thank you for calling for the interview.

Dear Mr. Walter Marty,

While writing this letter to you, my heart is full of pure gratitude emotions. Without taking your too much time, I want to come to the main essence of this letter. I want to say thank you for interview that you conducted for me despite your very tough schedule. It was really a nice experience to meet you.

I really appreciate you for considering me for this job and interview. If you will recall sir, then you will come to know that only few numbers of applicants were invited for interview. I have relevant degree and skills as per your requirements so I think that I can be a perfect match for this job. I hope that the interview will be the beginning of a mutually-beneficial relationship with your organization.

Finally I am obliged to you to allow me to show my skills and capabilities to your interview board. I am sure that I will show my talent there. I hope that the interview board will be very happy with me and think me as most eligible person.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Darwin C. Tristan

Thank You Letter for Clients

From: Jesse Cook,

Jesse Finance Inc.

New York- 11715


To: Alfred J. K. Marshall,

Chairman and MD

Marshall IT Solutions Inc.

New York- 11758


June 02, 2021

Dear Mr. Marshall,

On the behalf of Marshall IT Solutions, I would like to say thanks for your decision to acquire services from our company. We know that you have made this decision after long consideration on different alternatives. We thank you that you have considered us as potential partners so let me thank you for providing us an opportunity to manage your software on 10th August 2011.

We assure strong customer relationship in future because our all clients are so valuable for us. We also hope that you would satisfy the performance of our company that will be shown regarding your portfolio.

It is indeed a matter of great pride for us to build software for you and get such a positive feedback from you. Thank you once again for showing your interest in the most reliable and committed firm. We assure you that we will leave no stone to provide our best possible services.

We look forward to more such opportunities in the future.

Thank You,

Yours Truly,

Jesse Cook,

Chairman and MD

Thank You Sales Letter

August 14, 2021

From: Sinclair Vincent

Head Manager


To: Sales team

Ebay International

CA23 46BT

Subject: appreciation of the work

Dear Sales team,

I am feeling immense pleasure while writing this letter. I want to say you thanks for a great job that we have done this year. It can’t be possible without hard-working and friendly team like you. With our unity and hard work we have increased the sales for over 50% that had never happened to our Ebay International. I am extremely happy to see professional and well-trained people like you. We got this position because of our efforts towards the working process.

I am also very proud to announce Jonny David and Richard Peter as the top sales people of this year. I want to congratulate both of you and give you an unexpected bonus which is a tour to Paris for 2 weeks. I wish you a lot of success in the future. Please come to my office to discuss the further actions. Once again thank you for the progress that you made. I am proud by all of our team.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Sinclair Vincent

Thank You Letter for Gift

From: Mr. Michal Richard,

Business Consultant,

General Business Company Ltd.

August 14, 2021

Ms. Catherine Walton,

HR Department

Sun-Star Company Ltd.

AB Lane, Newland

Washington, WA

Dear Ms. Walton,

I would like to say thanks for the beautiful bouquet that you have sent this morning. It was an honor to receive such a beautiful bouquet because this brightened up my day and my office. It was a most desirable gift ever and I appreciate the fact that you noticed my love for flowers and have sent the loveliest bouquet for my office. I really liked the lovely combination of white, yellow and pink lilies along with the carnations.

I thank you again for the gift and feeling great that you have made this friendship day bright and cheerful with beautiful shades of flowers. During work, we tend to forget that we are also human beyond business relationships we also have other relations and your beautiful gift make me realized that being a human I also have to share a bond of amicability and friendship. Thank you for remembering me and making my day so beautiful with these flowers.

Want to thank you one more time and looking forward to see you soon!

Best Regards,

Mr. Michal Richard

Business Consultant,

General Business Company Ltd.

Letter of Thanks for Support

Mr. Timothy Victor,

1002, Main Street,


August 14, 2021

Mr. Wallace Robin,

25 Markettustr,

2450 California

Dear Mr. Wallace Robin,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you for all the support you have showed me during my bad times. It is the time when everyone starts getting away but you stood firm beside me to hold my hand and to support me. You were the only one who helped me to get through the difficult times with your sincere advices and suggestions. I have no words to say that how important your support was for me. I was so lost and insecure, totally helpless and hopeless. Your appearing became a salvation.

As much as I can remember, you are very caring and attentive not only towards me but also towards others. Your help and support is very precious for me. You always offer your help in many difficult situations I was before and I really appreciate it. I will never forget your attitude and help. This world has less number of people like you. Want also to ask you to rely on me whenever you need any help. I will do my best to be useful for you.

Thank you again

Best wishes,

Mr. Timothy Victor

Thank You Letter for Hard Work

From: Vincent Hopper

HR Head, Dalsa Corporation

3847 Bates Brothers Road

Columbus, OH 43215

To: Wesley Victor

1206 Frederick Street

Dell City, TX 79837

Sub: Appreciation Letter for Employees’ Hard Work

Dear Mr. Grant,

I am writing this letter on the behalf of Dalsa Corporation to appreciate your hard work and dedication to our company for almost a decade now. You had been sincerely contributing to the success of company from the time you started until this moment. We don’t have bad record of you committed in this company. Your all previous record with this company is great and spotless. You are even one of the most awarded employees of this company.

During your tenure with this company, you have proved to us that you are worth being an employee of the company therefore you deserve this worth receiving letter of appreciation. Please consider this letter as an invitation also to attend the special anniversary celebration of the company. I am looking forward to seeing you in the celebration with your family. It would be a big night for the best employees of the company and you are one of them.

Yours truly,

Vincent Hopper

Thank You Letter for Farewell Party

From: Susan Langdon

Iris Appt#16,

Flat 3088, Maple Street,


August 14, 2021

To: Mr. Jody Kelvin,

Canadian Fashion & Designs Inc.

1986 Leroy Lane

Oneida, SD 57564


Dear Mr. Jody Kelvin,

I am writing to inform Mr. Jody Kelvin and all members of this organization that it is my last day of work at Canadian Fashion & Design Inc. As per our earlier discussion of 14th June 2011, I have mentioned to all of you last week that I got hired from another company and I will be starting to do my job there by next week. I made this letter to express my gratitude for all of you for the entire support and love that all of you have given me.

I would especially like to say thanks for farewell party by members of Canadian Fashion & Design Inc. It was a fun to be a part of this party. I have enjoyed every single moment of my work here with you. All of you are absolutely a great help morally. I will be going to miss all of you and always remember that there are no other colleagues that will enable to replace you all.

All of you people can e-mail me at abc@example.com and if you want to talk to me and ask for an advice to your problems or any assistance, feel free to contact me at 454-4544-777.

Thank you,

Susan Langdon

Invitation Acceptance Thank You letter

From: Fedora Douglas,

Mercury Construction Company,

5474, Lagos Street,

Amnion, RV 3463

March 18, 2021

To: Vaughan Rosewell,

Chief Executive Officer,

Logan Construction Agency,

45 Wonderlands,

Anytown, OH 45646

Dear Mr. Rosewell,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Mercury Construction Company to say you thanks for the invitation to the Independence Day. It would be my pleasure to attend the ceremony of independence. I really like your initiative to help homeless people at this event. I would like to say that you all are doing an amazing job by taking the project of supporting and sheltering the homeless and the hapless. It is crucial that someone realizes to take up the responsibility of the neglected and ill and homeless citizens.

We always think about helping the lot but couldn’t take such initiative individually. Your efforts can be persuasion for other people like me and I would love to associate myself to such a project and concept. You can ask for any help of mine in this project.

Thank you once again for inviting me to the inauguration. I would be present at the venue and at the given time.

Yours Sincerely,

Fedora Douglas,


Chief General Manager,

Thank You Letter While Leaving a Company

From: Vaughan Robert,

3637 Wright Court

Seattle, WA 98119

August 14, 2021

To: Sheridan Uriah,

Marketing Department

2699 Walnut Hill 54566

Dear colleagues,

Re: Thank You Letter While Leaving a Company

With the reference of our last meeting I want to remind you that I will be leaving the office in two weeks time. This is due to my family problems that we have to leave this city within next week due to some personal problems. With this regards, I will not be able to play my role in the office as marketing executive of the company. My complete tenure with this company is memorable and I will not forget all of you as I have received lots of benefits and spent valuable time with amazing colleagues like you. I would like to say thank to all of you by the mean of this letter.

I received a lot of guidance and support in the seven years of my stay since the first day of my work up to the present time. I had provided with lots of opportunities to grow professionally and personally and I sincerely thank you for that. I would like to say my gratitude for all the contemplation and support when I am really down when my father past away last year.

I like to wish you all the success in life and career towards the personal and professional goals. I hope that we still continue our friendship and hear from you in the future. Feel free to contact me at email address abc@example.com or call me at 455-4516-4645 for any advice or assistance.


Vaughan Robert

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10 Popular Thank you Letter Samples
10 Popular Thank you Letter Samples
10 Popular Thank you Letter Samples

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