How to write a Resume Cover Letter- 10 Samples

How to write a Resume Cover Letter

A resume cover letter is a formal letter that can increase or decrease the chances of a person getting a job because the increasing rate of unemployment also increases competition in the job market therefore to get a job a candidate needs to do something different from others.

A resume cover letter can increase the importance of a resume because when you send your resume to a company, it portrays what you have to offer to the organization while a resume cover letter simply introduces you, your achievements and persuade the reader to view your resume.

How to Write a Good Resume Cover Letter

A resume cover letter should contain three main sections:


  • Identify the position for which you are applying.
  • State how and where you have learned about a specific position and why you are interested in this position or organization.


  • Summarize the reason why you think that you are a strong candidate for the position.
  • Try to match your skills with the job description and specifically discuss how your skills are related to the job requirements.
  • Highlight one or two of your accomplishments or abilities that show your strength for this position.
  • Detail positive characteristics and past experiences that illustrate how your qualifications will be beneficial to the organization.


  • Thank the person for considering your résumé and offer to provide additional information.
  • Include your contact details such as phone number, email address, and when you can be reached.

Tips on Writing a Resume Cover Letter

  • A well-structured cover letter should address the exact contact person or the Human Resource Department.
  • To give a professional touch to your letter you have to use standard business letter format.
  • Avoid decorative typefaces and use a font size of 10 to 14 points.
  • Use a single typeface throughout the whole document. A resume cover letter should be typed and signed individually.
  • Try to use meaningful terms and phrases to impress a potential employer.
  • Don’t use abbreviations, jargon, contractions, and try to keep this letter as concise as possible.
  • Before submitting your resume cover letter proofread it more than twice to ensure its logical and grammatical accuracy.

Resume Cover Letter Samples

For further assistance we have provided 10 resume cover letters samples below:

  1. General Resume Cover Letter
  2. Teacher Resume Cover Letter
  3. Nursing Resume Cover Letter
  4. Professional Resume Cover Letter
  5. Sales Resume Cover Letter
  6. Internship Resume Cover Letter
  7. Executive Resume Cover Letter
  8. Education Resume Cover Letter
  9. Student Resume Cover Letter
  10. Engineering Resume Cover Letter

These are free of cost and designed by following the formal format of a resume cover letter. You can use these letters as guidance before writing your own cover letter but always remember that avoid copy-paste because you have to present an original and unique cover letter in order to stand out in the pool of candidates.

General Resume Cover Letter

Robert John,

117 River St, Boston 02127

August 11, 2021

Mr. John Kerry,

Operations Director,

Sunny Manufacturers,

South Shore Plaza,

Boston, MA.

Dear Mr. Kerry,

Please find attached my application for the position of Merchandiser Manager as advertised on your company website. I have just relocated back to Boston from New York where I have resided for the past seven years.

I have spent the past seven years working within a large manufacturing facility in New York where I have gained considerable experience. During this time I have been responsible for launching and ramping two new generation prosthetic products, which grew our business by $660,000 in sales in the first quarter of launch.

I have strong leadership as well as communication skills and a proven ability to manage and motivate a team and in my opinion these qualities will make a positive impact on your facility.

I enclose my resume for your review and look forward to meet with you in the near future. If you have any questions or require clarification on any information prior to that please contact me at 123-123-456 or email me at

Thank you in advance.


Robert John


Teacher Resume Cover Letter

Mr. Erika Darrel,

54, Avenue Street


August 11, 2021

Mr. Braden Deborah,

Senior Principal

University of California

Berkeley, California

Dear Mr. Braden Deborah,

I recently came across the job advertisement mentioned in Times Magazine for the post of Associate Professor. I feel my educational background and experience can be a perfect match to the requirements that you have listed. I hope you consider my resume for the position.

I have been working at Sonoma State University for five years and I am well aware of the duties and responsibilities involved. I have worked in dual responsibilities like teaching science subjects as well as performing several administrative tasks. In addition to this, I have arranged different events of Sonoma State University. My excellent communication skills and the power to generate public interest make me a perfect demonstrator. I can provide my services in any required field to be it from computer software samples to manage different chores of institute.

I would be glad if we could meet up for a personal interview and discuss on this more. If you have any query related to my work, you can call me at 102-236-569 or email me at

Thank you for your time and considering me for the post. I hope to speak and meet you soon.


Mr. Erika Darrel

Enclosures: Resume and Work experience Certificates.

Nursing Resume Cover Letter

Braden G. Crispin,

32 Sun Riverview,

Oliver, Iowa 50113,

(515) 222-4458.

August 11, 2011

Aldrich Gilory,

Director of Nursing,

Being Human Hospital,

323 South Avon Drive,

Milton, NY 10945,

(914) 555-2909.

Dear Mr. Aldrich Gilory,

I am writing in response to your advertisement in the Daily News for the position of medical surgical nurse at Being Human Hospital. I am interested in position and feel that I am perfectly fit with all requirements mention in job advertisement. I am a graduate in Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern University in Nursing. I am expecting to take the NCLEX-RN licensure exam in coming week.

I am keen to work in your hospital as it is my passion to care ill people. I am having one of my clinical rotations in your hospital on Unit 8 AB. I would like to join the meticulous team of nurses that I met. In your hospital nursing staff is well trained with the administration and the work environment. I want to join your enthusiastic team.

I have special interest in accident care and patient education for accident. I have working experience of 4 years while I was in nursing school, as a nurses’ aide in Haven Health Center.

I have enclosed a copy of my resume with this letter. I am looking forward for an interview with you to discuss my education and experience. Please contact me at (515) 222-4458 or at the address above. Thank you for your attention and consideration.


Braden G. Crispin

Enclosure Resume.

Professional Resume Cover Letter

Herman R. Ivan,

1234, West 67 Street,

Carlisle, MA 01741,

(123)-456 7890.

August 11, 2021

Mr. Godwin Frasier

Head of Operations

Mason Avenue Organization,

257, Park Avenue South,

New York, NY 12345-6789

Dear Mr. Godwin Frasier:

I am writing this letter in response to your advertisement on for an Operation Manager. Your organization’s position is actually subjected to my skills and qualification. I believe that my 5 year operational work experience as an operation supervisor at Constance Corporation is more than enough to land a spot at your organization.

If you feel that my qualifications as well as my managerial background would help your organization and staff in positive way. Please feel free to contact me at any time of the day via phone at (123)-456 7890. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to meeting you the soonest time possible.


Herman R. Ivan

Enc: Resume

Sales Resume Cover Letter

Graham Hubert

1234, West 67 Street,

California, CA 01741,

(123)-456 7890.

August 11, 2021

Olaf Roswell,

Baby Boomers Organization,

1234 Archer Road,

California, CA 32607,

(352)-555 1635.

Dear Mr. Roswell,

I am feeling pleasure while responding your job ad for Sales Person listed on your website. I considered my self as strongest candidate as my qualifications and experiences are relevant to your requirements. Today’s competitive environment prompts all organizations to hire more strong and determined sales leadership to touch always-changing business development objectives. I am sure I can add this quantity of performance to your organization.

  • My Experience: 5+ years of the productive regional sales administration, combined with MBA and record of achievement in a leading different groups of value-added resellers.
  • Outcomes: Approved for a driving multimillion-dollar yearly revenue increase; receiver of several company sales awards.
  • My Performance: Renowned as a top sales maker; received many team-building awards.

I am a talented sales-strategist and manager. I can well manage demand and fast speed surroundings where my skills & performance surely impacts a bottom line. Presently, I am looking for a pose where I can carry on perpetuation a strong sales & performance standards. My resume is attached for your evaluation and concern.

I would like to meet with you and speak regarding opportunities there you have offered at present or in near future. Please feel free to contact me at above given numbers in case of any clarification regarding our meeting.

Thanks in anticipation for taking your time to consider my application. Hope to meet you soon.

Thank you!



Graham Hubert

Enclosure Resume.

Internship Resume Cover Letter

August 11, 2021

Human Resource Manager,

Borealis Polymere GmbH

56 Maiden Lane

New York

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you with the intention to show my interest and motivation in three to four month summer internship within your company. I have heard of your firm is working on the list of ventures that will participate in the “private discussions” with the students which will take place during the career fair.

My name is John P. Dexter and I am a dynamic and enthusiastic 23 year old youngster. I am currently in first year of my Master’s Student at Stony Brook University and I have just completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at my home university in New York. I am mostly interested in working in the “Finance Department” within the area of my specialization that is financial management at corporate level. I can work harder and can also handle any project offered by you to handle.

In addition to my studies, I am an active member of the European Association of Students for two years. I am confident that I can be an active, open minded and useful member of your team. I am willing to positively contribute in your organization during my internship. I am therefore very excited of being able to become an intern in your company and pursue my wish of working on enhancing projects in an international environment.

My resume contains additional information on my experience and skills. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my candidacy with you. I can be available for an interview at your convenience. Thank you for you attention.

Very truly yours,

John P. Dexter


Executive Resume Cover Letter

Amy Mathews,

117 River St, Boston 02127

(H) 617 247 8459

(M) 617 847 1269

August 11, 2021

Mr. Robert Kennedy,

Operations Director,

KDL Manufacturing,

South Shore Plaza,

Boston, MA.

Dear Mr. Kennedy,

I am pleased to find your advertisement for the position of CEO in KDL Manufacturing because it has direct match with my qualifications and skills. I am highly qualified and experienced personnel and have potential to start up an organization with an exciting service offering and aggressive growth of objectives. In addition to reviewing the enclosed resume, I hope you will read on and consider the value I will bring to the KDL Manufacturing.

Conceiving, developing and executing the strategies and initiatives that drive revenues, growth, competitive market positioning, profits and shareholder’s value is what I do best. Throughout my career as Senior Executive, I have earned a track record of success in managing complex business initiatives and achieving exceptional rather than expected results, business initiatives and results like:

  • Led the startup of dynamic sales organization build on the combined products and service strength of two leaders in credit services and database marketing industries, grew the company to 60 million in revenue.
  • Directed the turnaround and sales of a 30 million internet based online marketing and communication services providers.
  • Built and marketed an internet driven service offering for key SBU for a $350 million enterprise, grew sales from $8 million to $18 million within one year.
  • As a president of $40 million SBU, secured and managed competitively critical relationships with world-class corporate customers achieved 100% retention ratio among major players in telecom, consumer packaged products, pharmaceutical and publishing industries.

I have distinction of being an executive who possess the experience, capabilities and judgment for taking their business to the boom in market by resolving the deficiencies of business. My management style can be described as “hands-on and decisive yet flexible”. I valued creative thinking, initiatives, teamwork, commitment and performance.

I am confident in my ability to meet and exceed your expectations and hope you will invite me to meet for personal interview. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Amy Mathews


Education Resume Cover Letter

Davida Broderick

111 Douglas Avenue

Toledo, NY 43606


August 11, 2021

Mrs. Catherine Brock

Principal, Sunshine School

2236 Parkside Avenue.

Toledo, NY 44607

Dear Mrs. Brock:

I have an excellent experience of teaching and substituting in various classrooms, I welcome the chance to begin my professional teaching career at Sunshine School. I noticed a second grade position listed on the website and newspaper too and I think I am quite suitable for this job as my academic achievement, related teaching experience, volunteer involvement and past employment demonstrates that I possess the qualifications to begin my teaching career. I can understand children’s psychology and believe that varied education experience provides children with a well-rounded educational experience infused with faith and morals, which I feel are two important factors when educating our youth of today.

During my teaching experience I implemented lessons according to ages of students, hands-on and individualized. I had developed work pages that dealt with the spelling and writing of “lightning words” which provided the building blocks for each student’s own Lightning Word Dictionary. In the classroom, I constructed different groups of children to explore their capabilities. I always encouraged students to take the study challenges, using manipulative to solve simple addition and subtraction problems.

I have definitive goal to provide my students with a stimulating, challenging, and healthy learning environment that will allow them to become active in their learning experience. To make it possible I always encouraged effective communicate with students, faculty, parents, and administrators. As a teacher, I developed a parent e-newsletter to help distribute information and collect feedback on homework assignments.

I am interested in meeting with you to discuss my qualifications for the second grade position at Sunshine School. I will contact you within 15 days to arrange an interview at your earliest convenience. Thank you for reviewing my credentials as a potential candidate and considering me for your teaching staff.


Davida Broderick

Student Resume Cover Letter

Quincy Anderson

1234, West 67 Street,

Carlisle, MA 01741,

(123)-456 7890.

August 11, 2021

Justin Oliver

XYZ Company.,

1234 Archer Road,

Gainesville, Fl 32607,

(352)-555 1635.

Dear Mr. Justin,

I am very much interested to apply for a potential position of Researcher at Nationwide Health Care upon graduation. I will complete my Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry in the December 2011. I am looking for the position of a scientist in the field of medical. I look forward to share my scientific knowledge for it. Specifically I am much more interested to work as a Researcher in the Cancer Pharmacology Lab.

I have enclosed my resume along this cover letter that summarizes my skills and qualifications that I will be going to bring to your hospital. I have three and half years of research experience in addition to my strong academic background. I am responsible for pharmacology research in Dr. Jonson Wood’s lab at the Binghamton University. Also I am having the ability to direct and organize activities efficiently and I am ready to accept all the responsibilities related to the research position.

As per your convenience I am ready to come to your City. I will call you in the next week to confirm receipt of resume and this letter. I am looking forward to hearing you soon.



Quincy Anderson.

Engineering Resume Cover Letter

Crispin T. Darien

45 Elm Lane

Anytown, IN 45615

Home: (555) 555-5555

May 6, 2021

Mr. Robert Donald

Director of Operations

Airway International Coporation

15 Lafayette Way

Anytown, IN 55555

Re: Application for Engineer Position advertised on

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am writing this letter in response to your ad for the Engineer position on Your job description for a telecommunication engineer perfectly matches my qualifications, and I am very much interested in this opportunity.

I have enjoyed a progressively responsible engineering career with Telecom Corporation, and participated in the engineering of three major cellular model changes. I am experienced in all types of voice and video communication and can develop several new products for versatile communication. Most recently, I have:

  • Contributed to major model changes for the Connectivity applications and interactive information platforms
  • Developed process plans and layouts for seven additional GPS models;
  • Reduced ergonomic impact on production team members by designing new assist lifts systems
  • Helped to create estimation and calculation tool for project budgets, greatly improving negotiating power with installation contractors; and
  • Built several wireless communication terminals.

In addition, I have served as lead engineer in establishing standards that have reduced costs, enhanced efficiency, improved production methods and simplified equipment and part needs.

Mr. Donald, I have received repeated commendations from Telecom Corporation for my work quality, revenue contributions and commitment to achieving company goals, and I know I would be a valuable asset to your Pacific American Division. Please feel free to call me at 555-555-5555 or send an email to to arrange a meeting. I look forward to speaking with you!


Crispin T. Darien

Enclosure: Resume

We hope these request letter samples will be helpful for you. Please inform us about your feedback so that we can do our best to help you. Keep visiting Bulletreports for more samples of reports, lettersLove Letters, proposals, applications, and notes to help you in your personal and professional life. 

How to write a Resume Cover Letter
How to write a Resume Cover Letter
How to write a Resume Cover Letter- 10 Samples

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