10 Free Request Letter Samples and Formats

Request Letter Samples and Formats

Request letters are written to ask the recipient for some action or activity that other is unable to do. A letter is an ideal medium for requesting a favor because it allows its writer to explain his/her viewpoint in the best possible manner. Here are 10 free-to-use request letter samples and formats.

A request letter is the best way to maintain the privacy of your words between you and the reader.

Request letters can be of different types such as

  • Promotion Request Letter,
  • Change of Address Request Letter,
  • Scholarship Request Letter, etc.

Through the request letter, you are going to ask for some favor therefore pay particular attention to the format and contents of the letter. The accurate format can be the first step toward persuasive writing.

How to write a Good Request Letter

While writing request letter you have to take care about these following 11 points:

  1. Ask politely because you are requesting something so don’t demand or threaten.
  2. Show the reader what’s in for him/her. Prove your case.
  3. State exactly what you hope he/she will do for you.
  4. Always keep in mind that the tone of your letter should be polite and courteous.
  5. Clearly explain your purpose of writing a request letter in the first paragraph.
  6. Try to be clear and concise in writing because the reader is a busy person.
  7. You have to state clearly what you are expecting from the reader for example if you are writing a Community Help Request Letter then clearly state how much voluntary work is appreciated and encouraged.
  8. Remember to provide your contact number and address for the reader so that he/she can easily contact you in case of any clarification or doubts.
  9. You should say thanks to the reader in anticipation for his/her time and efforts he/she has spared to consider your request but don’t try to thank the person in advance for what you have requested from him/her.
  10. It can be arrogant and can put an effect on the reader that you are not giving him/her choice to deny your request. It also seems that you don’t want to write once again if the request is granted and it can also leave a negative effect on the reader.
  11. You should write thank you letter after acceptance of the request.

In order to assist you in your letter writing, We are providing you with sample request letters on varieties of topics. These samples are free from any cost so you can use these request letters as guidance. We have tried my level best to design these letters in the specific format of request letters so you can consult them without any doubt or hesitation.

10 Request Letter Samples

Here are the 10 Request letter Samples and formats that you can use for your letter.

  1. Job Promotion Request Letter
  2. Charity Funds Request Letter
  3. Transcript Request Letter
  4. Scholarship request letter
  5. Interview Request Letter
  6. Cheque Book Request Letter
  7. Request Letter for Experience Certificate
  8. Sample Maternity Leave Request Letter
  9. Sample Loan Request Letter
  10. Request for Quote Letter

Job Promotion Request Letter

Phineas Ridley,

Team Member,

Synergy Project,

Zenith Software Ltd,


August 9, 2021

Truman Zachary,

Vice President,

Zenith Software Ltd,


Dear Mr. Zachary,

I am writing this letter to request your kind attention on my career. First of all I would like to take opportunity to say thanks for accommodating me as a member of the Synergy Project team. I have been working with the team for the last five years during this tenure I have learnt extensively with my and other’s experience.

After acquiring enough knowledge, I consider that the time has come when I need to move upwards in position. This movement will implement my learning to the advantage of company. At this stage of my career, a promotion would be very motivating for me and encourage me to do more toward prosperity of the company.

I vow my dedication and sincerity to the company and remain optimistic that the company will offer me a break in serving the company in a better position.

Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration,

Yours Sincerely,

Phineas Ridley

Charity Funds Request Letter

Ms. Ella T. Darcy

Golden Arches Ltd

2365 Timber Oak Drive

Goleta, CA 12345

August 9, 2021

Deborah Crispin

Golden Arches Ltd

1234 Timber Oak Drive

Goleta, CA 12345


Dear Ms. Crispin,

As you know the recent crises with Helping Hands that cause much damage and hardship on the lives of its residents. This crisis occurred as a result of blast near the area of Helping Hands. As you know that Helping Hands is a home for several homeless people and orphan children, now this destruction creates problem for these people.

I am writing on behalf of Extending Hands Foundation, to appeal you for a compassionate donation to support the rescue and relief work that is currently carried out for the poor people of Helping Hands. We hope to secure more foodstuff and medicine for distribution at the relief centers sent up by our counterparts in USA.

Your generous contribution will be greatly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarifications.

Thanking you in anticipation for considering this letter on the behalf of Helping Hands.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Ella T. Darcy

Project Director

Extending Hands Foundation

Transcript Request Letter

Ellery R. Culver

3874 Pearlman Avenue

Framingham, MA 01702

August 9, 2021

Mr. Dexter D. Jason

Centralia College

600 Centralia Road.

Centralia WA 98531-4099

Subject: Transcript Letter

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I state that I have completed my majors in education from your college and now I need to receive a transcript. Please find enclosed the USD 20 draft along with this application. I studied from the 2017 to 20021 batch of Business Managment.

I would like to add more information about myself that I have received my degree on July 21st. I have applied for higher studies, so I need to get that transcript as soon as possible. My roll number was W1230 and my social security number is 262-54-4555. My date of birth is 10th January 1990.

Hence I hope that your honor would be kind enough to send the transcript to the following address below:

2573 Hickory Lane

Beltsville, DC 45645

The concerned authority wishes to receive the transcript directly from you. So I request you to send this before August 25, 2011.

Thanking you in advance

Yours Sincerely

Ellery R. Culver

Scholarship request letter

Blair Connor,

University of Heidelberg


Mr. Frasier Garrick,


Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation

4597, Indola Park


August 9, 2021

Subject:  Request for scholarship

Dear Mr. Frasier Garrick

With great pleasure I am writing this request letter to you. I am an honest citizen of this country and I also want to contribute in the development and the progress of this country but my dreams are threaten by my poor financial condition. I am studying at a well known university and in every semester I had passed with flying colors.

The scholarship helped me to continue my education smoothly and I made the optimum use of scholarship and always led my class. I finished my secondary school with distinctions in all subjects. I also engaged in extracurricular activities and won many medals and awards.

Becoming a medicine specialist is my childhood dream but this can be sacrificed due to poverty therefore it is my respectful request to support my education. It is with this intention that I approach your organization with my humble request for scholarship. I am relying on your goodwill to fulfill my dream.

Thanking you in anticipation for a favorable response from you.

Yours truly,

Blair Connor

University of Heidelberg

Interview Request Letter

Dominica Joshua,

HR Head, ASP Company

1234 White Hills Road

West Palm Beach, FL 33401


August 9, 2021

Charlene Isaiah

4119 Howard Street

Grand Rapids, MI 49505


Sub: Interview Request

Dear Ms. Charlene,

I am a 3rd year Information Technology Student at ABC Technology School of London. I am writing to request for an interview with you to obtain some relevant information regarding the latest technology in the market.

I am studying with majors in Technology Designs. I am required to submit a paper on the Trends in Technology Designs for my graduation. I have been following your firm’s dynamic progress in the Technology sector and I am very impressed with performance of your latest invention. It would be my honor if you can provide me with a chance to share some technological information with me to assist me in my paper. The information which you provide me shall be used in the strictest confidence.

I look forward to hearing positively from you soon.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

Dominica Joshua

Cheque Book Request Letter

August 9, 2021

Mr. Algernon Brock,

Branch Manager,

Bank of America

Arizona, USA

Dear Mr. Algernon Brock,

I would like to inform you that I am happy and completely satisfied with the service of your bank. I find it very friendly and customer oriented. I am writing to make a request for a cheque book. I need my cheque book for a lot of transactions because I can’t depend on the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card for various reasons, one of which is security.

My Current Account number is 2568926555 and name of Account is Godfrey Smith. However, I want to say one thing that I called to the branch many times, but except promises I didn’t get anything. I haven’t received the cheque book from your branch. I would be very glad if you can consider this matter as top priority and provide me with cheque book as soon as possible. If it is necessary I can contact the branch again in order to confirm when the cheque book will be ready for the collection.

Thanking in advance,

Yours truly,

Godfrey Smith

Request Letter for Experience Certificate

Mr. Blaine Elmer

123 Highway View

New York 2333

August 9, 2021

Mr. Frasier Morris

Dotcom Solutions,

New York,

Dear Mr. Frasier Morris,

This is Mr. Blaine Elmer and I was working with the Technical department of Dotcom Solutions as a senior technician for the period of June 15, 2014, until the effects of my resignation which was June 13, 2011. I had worked for seven years with you and I was replaced by Mr. John Smith on June 14, 2020, a day after the effectively of my resignation from my post.

Despite the fact that I have completed everything that needs and are expected to be settled from my end until now, I still don’t have my experience certificate and my relieving letter. As you know that this document will be important for the company that I will be working with. One month has already been passed since I resigned but my experience letter is still pending. I hope that you will help me in this matter and I wish you can reply as fast as you can.

Thank you and Regards,

Mr. Blaine Elmer


Maternity Leave Request Letter Samples

August 9, 2021

Mrs. Glynnis Kody,

Senior Supervisor,

821 Zimbabwe Ave,

Washington, DC 20021

Mrs. Hetty G. Leslie,

Human Resource Assistance

821 Zimbabwe Ave,

Washington, DC 20021

Subject: Request for maternity leave

Dear Mrs. Leslie,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am seven and half months pregnant so I want to ask that I start my maternity leave slightly earlier than we first discussed. My previous health problems and my backbone operation makes me uncomfortable to sit or stand for long times. My doctor has recommended me complete bed rest otherwise I may cause further damage to my already fragile spine.

I therefore ask, if possible to be released me from my duties next week for the sixteen weeks stipulated by law. If you require a letter from my doctor I can supply you with one.

As discussed before, on completion of my maternity leave, I wish to return to my position within the store, we will discuss in due course the exact date,

Thanking you in advance for your consideration,


Mrs. Glynnis Kody

Loan Request Letter Sample

Lombard Moray,

78036 Sussex Court

Waco, Texas 75656

Hazel T. Lowell,

Bank Manager, Metropolitan Bank

402 Simpson Square

Perry, CK 3077

Sub: Loan Request Letter

Sir / Madam:

I have been a faithful patron of your bank with Saving Account in your bank for five years time already. I have a good record in your bank and constantly maintain the minimum periodical balance. There is no record of overdraft against my account. You can liberally check my accounts to gather facts about my previous record. Apart from my savings account in your bank, I also have priority savings.

With this, I am writing to request a loan of sixty thousand dollars ($60,000) from your bank against my account number 2132564564. Please find the attached bank statement and other duly filled forms and documents. I am also requesting you to confirm with me at the earliest if anything else is needed to be submitted as requirements.

Please contact me if you need any kind of information. I will be available at short notice and I would greatly appreciate you if you can reply me to at the soonest possible time. I am looking forward to your prompt reply. Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Lombard Moray

Request for Quote Letter

August 9, 2021

Algernon J. Blake,

3094 Ventura Drive

Seaside, CA 93955


BFR constructions

5641 Catherine Drive

Fargo, ND 4589


Subject: Quotation request

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am feeling great pleasure while informing you that I had requested a quotation for an extension to my property, located at 25 Ventura Drive, Seaside. I have just received a written confirmation from your representatives that states that I am eligible to build an extension to my property. The terms and conditions of the process are also stated in the letter.

Please send one of your specialists to me as soon as it is possible so I will receive the quotation to start the work. I don’t need any kind of financial sport regarding loan because I have sufficient funds for construction. I was recommended to your company by Mr. David, who has been a worker of your company for a long time.

I will wait for your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Algernon J. Blake

We hope these request letter samples will be helpful for you. Please inform us about your feedback so that we can do our best to help you. Keep visiting Bulletreports for more samples of reports, lettersLove Letters, proposals, applications, and notes to help you in your personal and professional life. 

10 Request Letter Samples and Formats
10 Free Request Letter Samples and Formats
10 Free Request Letter Samples and Formats

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