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Model’s strict routine to get dream body – 20 hour fasting and mammoth workouts

Model's strict routine to get dream body - 20 hour fasting and mammoth workouts

A hunky model with chiselled abs that would make The Rock himself blush has revealed the enormous sacrifices he makes to stay in incredible shape.

Jake Andrich, 24, from the Alberta province in Canada, boasts enormous biceps and killer quads – and his incredible physique earns him $200,000 CAD (£115,000) per month.

Naturally slender Jake went to extreme lengths to bulk up by six stone in just a year by eating “everything in sight” and working out for a whopping three hours a day.

Starting out on his fitness journey, Jake weighed 10st. A year later, he’d upped his weight to 16st 6lbs.

Speaking about the epic goal, Jake said: “I packed on as much weight as possible by eating everything I could.

Model Jake Andrich
Jake Andrich, 24, spends three hours in the gym every single day

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“I was pretty chubby but because I was lifting weights so much I had also gained a lot of muscle.

“As soon as I reached my goal weight I began to slowly cut down my portion sizes but maintained the muscle by lifting smaller weights.

“I did that until I was the shape I wanted to be.”

Jake doesn’t cut out his favourite foods, making sure he still has treats like burgers and chicken wings in his diet.

But on his Instagram account, @Jakekipz, he does share a few ingredients he tends to avoid.

Jake said: “The only thing I actively avoid is carb-dense foods such as fries, bread, rice and pastries.

“I believe it’s more about watching how much you eat as opposed to what you eat.

“If I eat too much, then I offset it with some exercise to burn the calories.

“The only thing I really aim for is to eat one gram of protein per one pound of body weight, so 230gs of protein.”

Despite not placing too many limits on what he eats, Jake has a strict schedule for eating – and usually fasts for 20 hours a day when he’s slimming down.

However, if he’s trying to maintain his weight, he says he’ll eat two meals a day and snack in-between.

Jake has shared his top tips for others who want to get their dream body.

Model Jake Andrich posing in underwear
Jake doesn’t cut much out of his diet but he has a strict eating schedule

1) Make sure you recover properly

Dedicated Jake spends three hours in the gym every day – split into two 90 minute sessions that include a warm up and cool down.

But even on his rest days, the model still dedicates the same amount of time to his gym sessions. Instead of an intense workout, he’ll stretch and do light weights.

“This is the smallest change you can make to your workout regime that you will feel the most benefits from.

“Take an extra few minutes to stretch out and even take a nice hot bath.

“It’ll get you back exercising faster to make more gains,” he said.

2) Don’t get too comfortable

Jake says he doesn’t do a fixed workout every day. Instead, he prefers to mix it up every time – one day, he’ll focus on more gymnastics-based strength training and the next he’ll do standard weights.

He said: “Some months all I do is bodyweight exercises to keep my body changing and evolving.

Jake Andrich lifts his shirt
Jake has shared his top tips for other people to get the body of their dreams

“Bodyweight exercises are great to do until you’re feeling like you want ramp it up.”

He added you don’t need to spend money on gym memberships and expensive classes to get results.

3) Diet is paramount

When people are looking to lose weight or bulk up, Jake says it’s important to look at what you eat as well as how much you exercise.

He said: “To lose weight you need to have a calorie deficit and to bulk up you have to eat more.

“You should take full advantage of bulking and cutting cycles, which is where you’re eating a surplus of food and lifting heavy weights to build muscle mass.

“Then once you’ve gained the muscle, you eat at a caloric deficit and modify your workout routine to burn the maximum amount of fat, while holding onto as much of your hard-earned muscle and strength.”

4) Be consistent

In order to get results, you have to put in a consistent effort. As Jake explained: “It’s all about pennies in the piggy bank; it all adds up, just stick with it even if it’s a little bit.”

Jake Andrich
Jake wants people to realise diet is as important as exercise

He added: “Your fitness will improve and it’ll get easier so you’ll be able to do more, even if just do some stretching or a fast walk.

“It’ll get you in the habit of exercising.

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“On a day-to-day basis you won’t notice anything but if you take progress pics and can look back you can notice heaps of improvement and that will serve as great motivation.”

5) Ditch the scales and take photos instead

Jake reckons constantly weighing yourself isn’t a “positive way” to measure your progress when you’re losing weight.

He said: “According to the saying, it takes four weeks for you to see a difference in your body, eight weeks for your family and friends to notice, and 12 weeks for strangers to see.”

Therefore, instead of stepping on the scales, he recommends taking photos once a week to see the change in your own body.

He said: “There will be some weeks where you’ll feel like there have been no changes but when you compare then to now, you’ll see it.”

For anyone struggling with their weight, Jake has one very simple message: “Move your body.”

He said: “Get out and get moving. I guarantee you that you’ll feel much better for it.”

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Model’s strict routine to get dream body – 20 hour fasting and mammoth workouts

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