10 Best Invitation Letter Samples and Formats

Invitation Letter Samples and Formats

Invitation letters are written to invite friends, relatives, and associates to parties, seminars, bids, etc. It is an official way to invite peers and clients to the event or organization. These letters are used for both businesses as well as personal purposes. Here are 10 Invitation Letter samples and formats for your ready reference.

Invitation letters can be written on different subjects such as

  • Job Invitation letter
  • Party Invitation Letter
  • Seminar Invitation Letter
  • Wedding Invitation Letter
  • Baby Shower Invitation Letter
  • Church Invitation Letter
  • Invitation Acceptance Letter
  • Invitation Letter for Dinner
  • Job Invitation Letter
  • Official Invitation Letter
  • Party Invitation Letter
  • Personal Invitation Letter
  • Seminar Invitation Letter
  • Wedding Invitation Letter

Types of Invitation Letters

Invitation letters are of two kinds such as personal invitation letters and formal invitation letters.

Wedding Invitations, Birthday Party invitations are personal invitations meanwhile Seminar Invitations, Business Invitations are formal invitations. Both kinds of invitation letters are served the same purpose as an invitation card but invitation letters are more personalized and detailed. These letters provide you with an opportunity to put personalized statements and additional information which you can’t add on the invitation card.

Like other formal letters, invitation letters also have their specific format. Writer of invitation letters is advised to put subject before main contents of letter so the reader will come to know why he is being invited to.

How to Write a Good Invitation Letter

  • Following are the basic features which should be mentioned clearly in the letter:
    • Name and type of event
    • The date on which the event is going to be held
    • Address of venue
  • You should also mention the expected dress code for the occasion.
  • Also include details that the program would entail and if the party also includes refreshment as lunch/dinner/cocktails etc, you should also mention it in clear words.
  • Place additional information if any as it helps readers to come with better preparation for the occasion.
  • You can extend the invitation to personal guests or family members.
  • If you don’t have wished to receive any gifts, mention them in a polite way.
  • Before closing your letter, remember to include RSVP details as it will give you a fair idea about attendees of your party.

Invitation Letter samples are the best way to take an idea about invitation letter writing but it is difficult to find an exact invitation letter as per your needs.

In order to resolve this problem, We have designed some invitation letters and these are absolutely free of cost so you can easily use them as per your requirements.

Here are the 10 Invitation Letter Samples and formats on different Subjects.

Baby Shower Invitation Letter

Jan 01, 2021

Jasmine Jonathan

Milton Keynes, MK6 9AA

Dear Jonathan,

I hope you will be fine with the grace of God. I have received the recent pictures of your kid, he is so cute. I pray God saves him from all evil spirits. How time flies, especially for a mother all of a sudden your baby is going to school.

I was really impressed by you and want also to enjoy this feeling to become a mother. Finally, I am also going to experience the joys and pains of motherhood.  After spending two years of happy marriage life, the God has finally blessed us with a baby. I am seven months pregnant and I am very happy as my latest ultrasound shows that it is a cute baby girl. We are already excited and getting ready for her coming into the world. We are anxiously waiting to welcome her in our beautiful world.

We are gathering some friends and relatives in a baby shower on August 15 at the Galaxy Restaurant. We really hope your arrival at baby shower to share these moments of joys. I know that you have lots of stories to share with me, especially about the days of pregnancy and time of labor. Please do come to join us but don’t forget to take your kids with you.

Wishing to see you soon,

With Love,

Rosina Bean

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Church Invitation Letter

54 Centre Street


Subject: Invitation to Church Anniversary

Dear Michael and Jane

It is the matter of immense pleasure for me to invite you and your family on the celebrations of 50th anniversary of United Methodist Church. It has been 50 wonderful years being in this community attending the spiritual needs of the community, working with faithful parishioners like you.

The anniversary occasion will be held on August 15, 2011 at the premises of United Methodist Church and we hope to see many parishioners and their families at this special occasion. We have done our best to make this event more special and to entertain our attendees. There will be songs, dramas, speeches, award ceremony etc to fill hearts of attendees with joy. We are also having a celebration with many charitable activities such as games and dances to fill the hearts with joy.

We done all arrangements with utmost care as we think that this anniversary celebration is an opportunity to thank God for all His provisions to you and me over these 50 years. Please feel free to contact me at 222-232-3226 if you can be of any assistance to ensure the success of this event.

Thank you in advance of your full cooperation.

In Christ Jesus,

Rev. Patrick Annan

United Methodist Church

10 Acceptance Letter Samples and Formats

Invitation Acceptance Letter

Jan 01, 2021

The Honorable Mayor

Mayor/County Commissioner/Governor of State

City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr. /Mrs.

I am writing this letter on the behalf of our community. It is great pleasure for us that we are accepting the invitation to establish a grand alliance of sister city with the City/County/State of (write name of state). I accept the invitation on behalf of the all citizens of our community. We all love the City/County/State of (write name of country) and are in favor of this affiliation as we know that this alliance will be beneficial for all of us.

Although it is a small beginning but we hope that this alliance can be source of growing awareness and appreciation of each other’s culture and people. This partnership will be beneficial for many generations as it will enable us to foster educational, economic and professional exchanges. We look forward to the limitless possibilities of this relationship.

We can see the bright future of this long-term association. To this end, on the behalf of my community I am offering any kind of support of men and women in this grand alliance. We suggest that a similar body of individuals be assembled in your city/county/state.

We sincerely appreciate the invitation and look forward to the wonderful opportunities that await our communities in the future.



Jonathan David

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Invitation Letter for Dinner

Catherine Forbes

56 Verona Street

5656 London, UK

Kenway Jesse

69 Minsters Street

3569 London, UK

Jan 01, 2021

Subject: Invitation for dinner

Dear Mr. Jesse,

I am writing this letter for inviting you on dinner party which will take place on 15th August. It will be held in Taj Palace Hotel, on the 2nd floor. This dinner party will be held to celebrate my birthday that was already last week but I was postponed celebrations to next week since it was a working week. I am sure that it will be a great celebration as it is the festival week.

Please, find enclosed named card and I kindly ask you to please present it on the entrance in order the hostess to show you your place since all guests are coming with invitations and seats are reserved for each name.

I will be glad to see you there. In case you need any clarifications regarding the address or something else, please contact me via phone: 012-456-8963.

I am looking forward to see you there.

Yours Sincerely,

Catherine Forbes

Job Invitation Letter

***Type this letter on the letterhead of your organization***

Simpson Homer

742 Evergreen Terrace


US 12345,

Dear Mr. Simpson Homer:

Congratulations! We are pleased informed that you have been selected to work for Dow Chemical Corporation. We are delighted to make you the following job offer:

The position we are offering is that of “Operational Manager” at a salary of $34000 per month. This position reports to Mr. Samuel Mathew who is the head of your department. Your working hours will be of 50 hours per week.  This is a (permanent/seasonal/contract/casual) position. (If this is a contractual position then state expected length of term).

Benefits Information if relevant to the position:

Vacation: weeks per annum

Probation (or Provisional) Period:  From (DD/MM/YYYY) to (DD/MM/YY)

Employee Benefits Include:

  • MSP
  • Group Insurance
  • Short/Long Term Disability
  • Dental Care
  • Health care

We would like you to start work on 15th August 2021 at 09:00 AM. Please report to Mr. Samuel Mathew on 10th August 2021, for documentation and orientation. If this date is not acceptable, please contact me immediately.

Please sign the enclosed copy of this letter and return it to me by 5th August 2021 to indicate your acceptance of this offer.

We are confident you will be able to make a significant contribution to the success of our (Company/Division/Department) and look forward to working with you.


Joseph Floyd

Human Resource Manager

Dow Chemical Corporation

I accept the offer as outlined above.

(Name)___________________________ Date ____________________________

Official Invitation Letter

***Type this letter on the letterhead of organization***

July 25th, 2021

Herbert Lance and Staff

Human Resource Department

National and Community Service

Dear Herbert Lance:

I would like to invite you and your staff to visit Metropolitan Learning School inaugurated by ABMHB Company where our experienced professionals are engaged in an exciting learning project. We have started this school to educate special students. We have a team of brilliant and well trained staff who engages students in solving problems within their schools and communities as a fundamental part of their academic studies. Training and guidance from these teachers help students to become more effective citizens through acts of kindness, community stewardship, and civic action. This effort is made possible with support from National and Community Service.

We wish that you may have visited us on 5th August 2021 at 10:00 AM. This will give you an opportunity to see our program in action! I am requesting you on behalf of our community partners, members of the local media, and several families of students whom we serve.  They are eager to talk with you about the importance of investing in learning activities in our local community.

We have enclosed a one-page contour of our program for your reference.  I will contact your office within the next two weeks to follow-up on this invitation.

I am looking forward to see you on 5th August, 2021.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ambhert Heilo

CEO, ABMHB Company

2534 Peck Court

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Party Invitation Letter

Mr. and Mrs. Emory Anderson

205 Hope Street

Carrolton, TX 75006

25th July, 2021

David McDonald

5689 Park Avenue

Sacramento, CA 95814

Sub: Party Invitation

Dear David,

I would like to invite you to join us for the celebration of our grand success on Monday, August 15, 2021 at 6:00 o’clock in the evening. It is a big event which will be held at our new hotel. There will be an informal gathering; this means no dress code so you can come in any attire you are comfortable with.

It is my honor to invite you in this grand party and I hope to see you in this party with the rest of our friends. Details about date, time and venue are printed on invitation card and program sheet enclosed with this letter. We are pretty sure that your presence will increase the specialty of this day.

Moreover, this party is also open to people who you want to be with so you can come along your special friends. We are looking forward to meeting you to our grand celebrations. If due to any avoidable circumstance you can’t come, please do inform me in advance.

Thank your very much. See you at the commemoration.

The Celebrators,

Mr. and Mrs. Emory Anderson

Personal Invitation Letter

Jonathan Stevie,

232, River Lane,

San Jose, California

Mr. Robert Jackson,

83, 3rd Street,

San Francisco, California

25th July 2021

Dear Mr. Robert Jackson,

SUBJECT: Invitation for Family Celebrations

I am so much elated while inviting you on the Thanksgiving Celebrations of my family on the behalf of all members of family. God is so kind to us and in this year God is blessed us several times therefore we are taking this time to thank God for all the blessings that He has given to our family. We will be arranged your accommodation needs as you arrive here and your transportation will also be facilitated accordingly.

The thanksgiving celebration is planned on the 25th of August. Please let us know your response upon receipt of this letter. We would really be grateful for it if you can inform us before time so that we can cancel some of the bookings that we have made for you. I am looking forward to see you and the rest of your family in our house.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Stevie

Seminar Invitation Letter

25th July, 2021

Mr. Donald Smith

Copeland borough council

Mr. Foulard Jones


High street, CA23 45F

Subject: Invitation for seminar

Dear Mr. Jones,

I am writing to inform you about the forthcoming seminar that will be going to take place at Mariette Hotel to unveil the plans for the reformation of the Alfred Center. It is necessary for you to join us in this seminar because you have a business in a prime area of the Alfred Center. We request you to please join us at the seminar because it will help you to be aware of the plans that we have drawn up.

We have invited representatives from all local businesses who have premises in the main commercial area of the Alfred Center, as the redevelopment plan will affect all businesses in the city. We will increase the trading profits for all businesses in long run to cope with modernization of the area.

During this seminar, we will unveil the plans that have been drawn up and you will be given your chance to voice your opinion, alongside that of all other local businesses in the area.

Please do confirm your attendance at the seminar which will take place on 6th August at 6:00 PM in the Conference hall if Mariette Hotel.

Yours faithfully,

Your Signature

Mr. Donald Smith

Wedding Invitation Letter

Jessica L. Candy

2369 Breeze wood Court

Goessel, KS 67053

Amherst A. Herbert

2430 Patton Lane

Raleigh, NC 27610

June 20, 2021

Dear Mr. Herbert,

Re: Wedding Invitation Letter

We would like to personally invite you to our son’s wedding this coming 10th of August, 2021 at Golden Green Parish Church at exactly 10:00 in the morning. The wedding reception will follow at the famous Athena Palace Hotel.

You are our close family friend and business partner also so we would like you to be part of this important event of our son. It is the biggest day of his life and we will feel pleasure if you shower him with your blessings. You can bring your family with you. We would be very glad to see you in this event. You can contact me on the same number or give me a message through email to confirm your attendance.

We are hoping of your presence for this event and we will appreciate it a lot if you can find some time to attend this momentous day of our child. Thank you so much.

Truly yours,

Jessica L. Candy

We hope these invitation letter samples will be helpful for you. Please inform us about your feedback so that we can do our best to help you. Keep visiting Bulletreports for more samples of reports, letters, Love Letters, proposals, applications, and notes to help you in your personal and professional life. 

Invitation Letter Samples and Formats
10 Best Invitation Letter Samples and Formats
10 Best Invitation Letter Samples and Formats

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