10 Effective Complaint Letters Samples and Examples

Complaint Letters Samples

Complaint letters are written to express your dissatisfaction with the products or services of a company or to realize your tenant or neighbor about his/her mistake. It is an effective way as it allows you to express your all feelings in a good manner without any conflict or quarrel. Here are the 10 complaint Letters Samples for your reference.

Complaint letters can help you to have products replaced or money refund. This letter can be your major support in a change of company policies or government legislation, influence the media, fundraise, and so on.

A complaint letter can be more effective than a phone call or email message because its onset has to be registered. Before writing a complaint letter you have to identify the purpose and outcome that you want to achieve. You should indicate those ideas clearly in your complaint letter.

Tips for Writing a Good Complaint Letter

Here we will discuss some suggestion to write complaint letter with you. You are advised to consult them before your letter writing:

  • Before writing the letter, ensure the accuracy of facts and figures to make your complaint legitimate.
  • Type your letter and be careful about typos. Use a spellchecker and also have someone proofread your letter. If your letter is handwritten then it should be neat and easy to read.
  • Keep your letter short and concise because a lengthy letter can lose its charm. Try to write short paragraphs and always keep your letter to one page but don’t ignore any important fact.
  • It doesn’t matter how justified your complaint may be, but you are not allowing your letter to become angry (rude), pathetic (avoid emotional blackmail), sarcastic, or threatening. Keep in mind that it may happen that the reader of the letter your letter will often not be the person responsible for the problem. Try to put yourself in the other person’s place.
  • Try to address the letter to a person with some real authority. The person should be someone who can fix the problem, the head of the customer service, or a top officer such as the President of the company.
  • Start out with data such as
    • When you bought the product,
    • Where you bought it,
    • The name and model of the product,
    • The serial number if you have it.
  • Be brief and state your problem completely in a brief manner. Try to adopt a business writing manner because companies get lots of letters from “crackpots,” and such letters usually do not get anywhere.
  • State clearly what you want?
    • Do you want a refund?
    • Do you want to exchange the product?
    • Do you just want an apology?
  • Set a specific time for them to respond. Usually, ten business days or more are reasonable time.
  • Keep in mind that you should send copies of relevant documents like receipts. Do not send original receipts. Keep them in your record.
  • Make sure you give your contact information: phone number (specify whether it is daytime or nighttime or give both), and your address, as well as your name.
  • Keep a copy of everything you send for your records. Send your letter return receipt requested, it will be helpful for you are proof of the date and time at which the recipient received the letter.
  • If you are not happy with the response of your letter then you have to try writing to someone higher up in the chain of command but keep the tone of your letter soft.
  • Here I am sharing some sample complaint letters with you to assist your letter writing. I hope these samples will be helpful for you:

Here are 10 Complaint Letters Samples that are effective and will help you draft the perfect complaint.

Complaint Letter to Bank

Gordon Mathew

345, Pleasant Street


05th Feb, 2021

Ms. Danielle Jones

1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450

Houston, TX 77010-9050

Comerica Bank

United States

Ref: Replacing Credit Card No: 123456890

To Whom It May Concern:

I was recently charged by your bank for 7 hit over draft during a single weekend, totaling $417, and I believe this is inequitable. My account was positive by more than $1,000 when these fees were levied and I have solid reason of these transactions. I am writing to request your bank intervene in my attempts to get these fees refunded.

On Wednesday, Jan 13, my account balance was $100.05, and I deposited a payroll check for $2,000 at the Comerica Bank Anytown branch. I asked the teller if I would be able to withdraw money from my account by the weekend, and she said more than likely, I would. I requested a more authoritative answer but she refused and told me I should attempt to withdraw money from an ATM and if the transaction was approved, I was “good to go.”

On Sunday morning, I attempted to withdraw $120 from an ATM in Anytown and my withdrawal was approved. I assumed that my check had cleared, I proceeded to use my debit card more than six times during the rest of the weekend. The small one purchases were for $5.89.  In total, the purchases added up to less than $75. My total transactions for the weekend were less than $200.

Two weeks later, when my statement arrived, I discovered fees of $415 on my $200 in transactions. It appears from the statement that my payroll check didn’t clear until Monday, putting me well into the black. But by then, the damage had been done.

I was oblivious that I am not allowed for repeatedly overdraw by my account without being informed. Moreover, I overdraw my account with the advice of bank teller as she encouraged me to do so. I can’t understand overdraft fee policy of bank that how the overdraft fees of $415 could be twice the amount of the transactions $200.

I request you to please investigate this matter and refund dues charged under overdraft and check-clearing policies. I look forward to hear from you soon. Please feel free to contact me at 123-456-4548


Gordon Mathew

Complaint Letter to Higher Authorities

Amanda Peterson

4600 53rd Street,

Moline, IL,

United States

Jan 5th, 2021

Michael Jones

Head of Society

351 Industrial Park Boulevard,

Sun Shine Society

United States

Dear Mr. Jones:

I am one of the new residents of your society. My husband needs to stay abroad for long times for the sake of his official assignments. I stay here with my son, daughter and widow mother-in-law. The estate is being ten to twelve kilometers away from the main city and it becomes really wearisome for me in collecting cash for even daily expenses.

As per changing circumstances of our country it is really not possible to maintain maximum cash balance at home for days. If you keep location of all the banks then you will find out that there is not a single outlet in the nearest ten to twelve kilometers. We hereby request you please review all these problems and kindly approve for an ATM in our society, so that it may alleviate us from the daily hazards.

As per my observations I am not a single person suffering from this problem, there are several other sufferers in society. You must have received similar pleas from other residents of our society as well. I am looking forward to your prompt response. In case of any query, you can contact me at (204) 456-4569.

Yours sincerely

Amanda Peterson

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Harassment Complaint Letter

Deloris Bones

Personal Assistant

ABC Company

New Jersey

5th Jan, 2021

Ms. Diana Banks

General Manager

ABC Company

New Jersey

Re: Complaint of Discrimination

Dear Ms. Ms. Diana Banks:

Please consider this letter as my complaint of discrimination against the Corps of Engineers. I tried to contact you through your office and in person but have received no response. My most recent visit to your office was on July 15th, 2011 and on that day I came to your office to file a complaint of discrimination and an Information Inquiry Summary. Since that date, I have received no response from your office. One month has passed and this is a Formal Complaint of Discrimination.

My complaint of discrimination includes the following:

I am a 30 year old Asian female and I began working for engineering department of ABC Company since 2008 as a Procurement Technician, GS-5. As of today, I am still in the same position. There are 10 Procurement Technicians with same series and title. Every one of them, including 5 Caucasian females, is a GS-8 except for me. We all have the exact same job title, and have at times performed similar work. Yet, I have remained as a GS-5.

On several occasions I noticed that management intentionally ignored my requests. I can mention some incidents such as I requested a desk audit but my request was not heard and at the same time a Caucasian worker allowed for the same work. She was promoted but I was not. I have requested Flexi-place/work at home on continuous basis but again I have been denied and a Caucasian co-worker was approved but it is not clear what, if any, work she does at home.

Management has intentionally done this in order to promote Caucasian employees. I feel that I am being discriminated based on my race and age by management because I have been treated differently than other Caucasian Procurement Technicians. I have also been treated differently than other employees in that I have received a lower rating than all of the other employees.

I have also been subjected to harassment and a hostile work environment by my supervisors including Mr. Harasser, Assistant Chief of Procurement. I didn’t receive any monetary awards. Dr. Hostile, Chief of Procurement, told me to go find a job somewhere else. His actions were discrimination based on my color and race.

In November 2010, Mr. Daniel interviewed me and cancelled my credit card which I had used for purchasing. No other employee had their credit card taken from them. He also asked me to work on supplies and repeatedly harassed me regarding status reports. No other employees are subjected to this behavior. I was then unfairly accused of not working fast enough.

In short, I am being subjected to disparate treatment and a hostile work environment based upon illegal factors such as my race.

Please be aware that I am being represented by counsel in the above referenced matter.

After reviewing the Complaint of Discrimination, please contact my attorney so the appropriate actions can be taken.


Complainant Date

Snider & Associates, LLC


“Justice in the Workplace”


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Training Course Complaint Letter

Jan 10th, 2021

David Eastwood

Head Trainer

Focus Training Group

Dear Ms. Eastwood:

I am writing this letter to call your attention to your training course on “Professional Digital Cinematography” held last June 25, 2011. I had attended this training to upgrade my skills in cinematography which I need in my job at an international magazine.

Your brochure and advertisements state that the training course includes 16 hours of lecture and 60 hours of hands-on experience.  At first, the training was going awesome because the speakers were proficient in their field. We were nicely guided during the practice sessions but with the passage of time everything starts going to worse. The speakers started arriving late and the sessions were cut short thus, the training course objectives were not attained. I had not reached my own personal goal to learn new techniques.

Your advertisements boast of a money-back guarantee if dissatisfied and I would like to refund my amount.  I paid a registration fee of $500, an amount that is definitely not worth the training I got.


Alex Peter

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Response to Complaint Letter

***Type this letter on the letterhead of the organization***

Wednesday, Jan 01, 2021

Name of Recipient

Title of Recipient

Company name

Contact information

Dear Customer Name,

Thank you so much for spending your precious time to communicate us why our product didn’t meet your expectations. We respect your opinion and have every desire to address your needs in order to provide the best possible solution available to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

We will be soon in contact with you to make our best attempt in retrieving your confidence in our company. Moreover, your complaint is very productive for us as it enables us how we will further evaluate to prevent this problem from occurring again in the future.

Please accept our sincerest apology for any inconvenience caused to you by our product.  Again, we highly appreciate your feedback as it will help us in becoming better at what we do.  As with any business like ours, the greatest advertising we can have is word of mouth from a satisfied customer. It is our goal to retain you as a satisfied customer and will hope to serve you again in the future.

Thank you so much for your useful feedback,

Sincerely yours,

Alex Hall

Head of Customer Care Division

Complaint Letter to Government

This Complaint Letter to Government is much used letter in our daily life communications.

Mr. Peter T. Colon,

Block Development Officer,

Washington DC,

United States,

Jan 2nd, 2021

Subject: – Intimation regarding City Police

Dear Sir

Most humbly this is to inform you that I Mr. George Camera is residing in Tenley Town. I am writing you to inform that the police force of our area is not active because the rate of crime in this are is continuously growing. Nothing is safe in this area including our lives and money. I on the behalf of other people residing in Tenley Town want to request to you that please do something for us.

We personally feel the need of strong security for us to make our locality safe and sound. We thought of bringing the matter to your notice as our repeated request to the concerned government officer went in vain. So, we thought of escalating the entire issue to you. Everyone especially women, child and old people of the locality are really having a tough time due to this insecure condition.

I am looking forward to your kind and prompt action.

Thanks and Regards

Your Signature

Mr. George Camera

Neighbor Complaint Letter

David Orson

123 Main Street

Anytown, US 5686

Jan 1st, 2021

William Marshal

456 Main Street


US 12345-6789

Re: Noise Problem

Dear Mr. Doe,

I am David Orson, resident of Anytown and I am writing to complain about my neighbor Mr. Peter so please consider this letter as complaint.

My neighbor always makes noise at day and night by playing heavy metal music. I am very infuriated with it because due to this my studies are disturbed. I several times tried to advise him to lower the volume and keep quiet at night but he never listened to me. In some extreme cases, It is impossible for us to watch TV. I am becoming ill because of high volume as it may affects my ears.

They have a ‘crazy’ dog which is very dangerous. The dog always barks and sometimes it barks at us. I think it is irritating and rude for them to keep a dog without controlling its behavior. I am unable to pay attention on my studies because I have not slept well. I must get up early and go to school early in order to prepare for my lesson.

I wish that my neighbor could care about my feelings and be considerate. Please consider this application on priority basis and take action against my neighbor as soon as possible.

Thanks in anticipation to consider my application.


[Your Signature]

David Orson

CC: Lt. Gerry L. Sheldon, Anytown Sheriff’s Department

Formal Complaint Letter

Rebecca Jones

567, Arlington Street


New Jersey

23rd Jan, 2021

Mr. Edward Martin

Manager-Customer Care Services

Alpha Services

New Jersey

Sub: Formal Complaint about Poor Services

Dear Mr. Martin,

I am writing this letter to aware you about a problem with your product. On 10th July 2011, I had bought an ABC vacuum cleaner; model number VC012 from your Hill Road Branch.

Unfortunately, this vacuum has not performed well as per my expectations because it is unable to suck whole dust from carpet. I am disappointed because this vacuum is too noisy as well as consumes more electricity. It takes a long time in cleaning with the help of this vacuum. I think this vacuum is need to service properly because it is not working as per my expectations. I was billed the wrong amount, something was not disclosed clearly or was misrepresented, etc.

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate you to replace this product as soon as possible or refund my money back. Enclosed are copies (do not send originals) of my records including receipts, guarantees, warranties, canceled checks, contracts, model and serial numbers, and any other documents.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem, and will wait until 15th of July before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at 032-4566-669.

Thanking You,


Rebecca Jones

Encl.:   1.Copy of Agreement

2. Copy of Receipts

3. Copy of Complaints

Re: (account number, if applicable) etc.

Tenant Complaint Letter

Angelina Jolly,

Green Town Community

Sydney, 4526


5th Jan, 2021

Stevie Doe

Green Town Community

Sydney, 4526


Dear Doe,

I have been your tenant from past two years and during this time period we have a good relation. I really like this place but first time during my residence I am facing such a problem in my bedroom that is forcing me to leave this place. There is a leakage in the roof of my bedroom and whenever there is rain there is a major leak and the water drips directly on the bed.

You must be aware that I have a 5 month old baby and I am still not completely recovered after delivery. Last week you have arranged some labor to repair the place but still there is leak since its winter and very cold the water is soaking and spreading to the entire wall which makes the room even colder.

I hope this time you get it repaired properly. This flat is very comfy for me and my baby. It is also near to the office of me and my husband but if this problem persists I will be forced to leave the house. Please help me out with this situation. I hope you will take the situation seriously.

Thank you in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,

Your Signature

Angelina Jolly

Funny Complaint Letters Samples

Draco Jean

Management Officer,

WIZARD Mall, 153CA

5th Jan, 2021

Mr. Keith Hunt

TV Licensing Office

Vermont, England

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your TV license claim which I am returning promptly because now I am not in the need of it. Yes, definitely I did purchase a free-view box from “Kelkoo” as a Birthday and Christmas present for my daughter fortunately these both two events come side by side and yes, it is almost working very well, thank you for asking. There is a little problem that some channels are missing however so could you look into that for me please?

I just had the box delivered to my work address. This was because

a)  I am very traditionally and I strongly believe that presents at this time of year are supposed to be a surprise and

b)  Because of my daughter’s tendency to be nosey when parcels are delivered to my house.

You are warmly welcomed to send an inspector to check that there is no TV at work. Please note that come during our office working hours, our office opening hours are 9.00 to 12.30am and 2.00 to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. This obviously rules out any thought of an SAS style dawn raid on your part, or in fact a dirty weekend in England. Sorry about that. However, if you could give me a little bit of notice, I’ll make sure the kettle is on for your inspector.

During the visit if your inspector could persuade my boss to actually have a TV installed in my room I would be very grateful. 84 inch plasma set with DVD and surround sound would be perfect if they could mention that to him while their inspection. It will make easy for me to enjoy next year world cup during working hours.

I have spent too much money on this set and I am sure that he won’t mind paying the license fee too and therefore your demand for £142.50 will abruptly look very sensible in the grand scheme of things.

For that amount of money I would rather expect not only to be permissible to view current programming but also to have at least a guest appearance on “Life Style of Mammals” alongside David Attenborough.

Thank you for keeping in touch with me.

Yours Sincerely

Draco Jean

We hope these Complaint Letters samples will benefit you in writing an effective letter. Follow Bulletreports for more samples of reports, letters, proposals, applications, and notes to help you in your personal and professional life. 

10 Effective Complaint Letters Samples and Examples
10 Effective Complaint Letters Samples and Examples

10 Effective Complaint Letters Samples and Examples

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