Pakistan Trying to infiltrate 50 terrorists to India Through Line of Actual Control

Pakistan Army is conspiring to drive massive groups of terrorists to Kashmir so as to produce disturbances,” said an intelligence bureau file, adding that roughly 50 terrorists are now camping at launching pads throughout the Line of Control (LoC) contrary Machil sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

The intellect inputs said that 50 terrorists, stationed on the Kel, Tejiyan and Sardari launch pits, are all connected with terror outfits such as Lashkar-e-Toiba and Hizbul Mujahideen.

Pakistan has been on the lookout for opportunities to assist these terrorists cross the border and infiltrate into India and upset harmony and peace.

A significant number of terrorists at the Machil Sector attempted to infiltrate into Kashmir, but the alert Indian Army and BSF resisted the terror storyline and murdered at least three terrorists within an experience.

In accordance with Army, suspicious motion of unidentified persons was discovered by patrolling celebration at Machil Sector about the night of November 7-8 and the terrorists were intercepted while they were attempting to infiltrate inside India. Security forces have captured a large quantity of arms and ammunition out of the slain terrorists.

Successful experiences by the Indian military this season has obtained Pakistan by surprise.

In a rare accomplishment, the Jammu and Kashmir Police and the Indian Army collectively have killed over 180 terrorists in the Kashmir Valley in 2020 alone. About 75 surgeries have happened from the valley to wipe out terrorists.

According to the Jammu and Kashmir authorities, just one civilian died during the surgeries, which can be indicative of this alliance that the local inhabitants has expanded to the military and the authorities.

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